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Personal Tax

Do you need to get your taxes done?  If so choose Taxing Times, Inc. Call today for all of your personal and business tax filing needs.Please call 702-331-2600 today to find out details about getting your 2012 1040 EZ individual tax return completed before the tax due date. Taxing Times, Inc. can assist you with the preparation on your personal or corporate tax return. Taxing Times, Inc. Preparers have over 25 years of income tax preparation experience. You can locate information at the IRS online, but who has time to become a tax professional? Here at Taxing Times, Inc. we can get your individual 1040 return complete and ready for refund directly to your bank account. Taxing Times, Inc. is located in Southern Nevada and we have seasoned tax professionals and IRS Registered Tax Preparers on staff to help you get your returns filed quickly and on time.


Business Tax


Nationwide Schedule C Business & Corporation Tax Preparation Services

If you’re a business owner who needs help with business tax preparation look no further. Taxing Times, Inc. can help file your business tax returns on time with the Internal Revenue Service. When you own a business the tax structure is different with a business versus an individual. Business tax preparation services nationaly are available by calling 702-331-2600. Call now to speak with a business tax professional in Las Vegas, Nevada. Business Tax Professionals can assist you in Corporate Tax returns nationwide. If you have a corporation and you need to get your corporate returns filed by a professional corporate tax preparer you chose the right website. Corporation owners who utilize the United States Tax Code the right way can have the corporate life only one could dream of. Are you looking to establish business credit? Make sure and get your corporate tax returns filed through Taxing Times, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada. You can call the number above or go to for a full review of your last 3 years tax returns. If Taking Times,Inc. can find missing deductions on your corporate or personal returns, then you can file an amended tax return to claim backed owed funds from the IRS!



Taxing Times provides individual tax preperation services. Our team of professional tax consultants can make sure you get the best return possible!


Your business needs a professional tax firm to handle all of your business tax needs. You can focus on your business and let us handle your paperwork.


Corporate tax structures can be complex and overwhelming for a corporation owner. Trust the pros at Taxing Times, Inc to prepare your taxes.

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