Bookkeeping & payroll services

It is a well known fact that a structure is only as sound as its foundation. The Corporate structure is no different in that the foundation for any business is bookkeeping. A quality bookkeeping service will keep your finger on the pulse of your business and its bottom line allowing you to know exactly how much income you are generating at any time of the year. You will be able to determine and differentiate between high income level periods versus low income level periods which will educate you on the best times to possibly launch an ad campaign, look for ways to lower your overhead or take a vacation. You will be able to find out with a phone call exactly how much you spend on your overhead such as utilities, rent, inventory, etc. Quality current bookkeeping will allow you to know how much you should be sending in for your quarterly estimated tax payments, or if you wish, you may choose to combine our bookkeeping and payroll services for a win win situation. We will issue you a pay check weekly, bi-weekly or monthly it’s totally up to you. We calculate the amount of taxes to be withheld and file all necessary IRS forms for you including W-3’s, W-2’s, 941’s and 940’s so you will always be in compliance with the IRS.


Taxing Times provides individual tax preperation services. Our team of professional tax consultants can make sure you get the best return possible!


Your business needs a professional tax firm to handle all of your business tax needs. You can focus on your business and let us handle your paperwork.


Corporate tax structures can be complex and overwhelming for a corporation owner. Trust the pros at Taxing Times, Inc to prepare your taxes.

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