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We provide Audit Protection as well for our corporate and personal tax customers if we do your bookkeeping and payroll. If we make a mistake we will re file your returns and fight the IRS letter and notice positions up to Appeals and Tax Advocate service requests at our cost; but you are still responsible for taxes and penalties that may occur. If you get audited by the IRS just contact one of the team members and forward your letter or IRS document to our office. We will take the proper and appropriate measures to communicate directly with the IRS agent to help find a resolution to your tax issue. Know your rights as a United States taxpayer. Taxing Times can assist you in the offer in compromise program available to tax payers through the Internal Revenue Service. If your tax bill is uncollectable and you qualify for this special program through the IRS you may be able to significantly reduce your debt with our Tax auditing service. When you sign up with our audit protection program you receive instant access to a network of tax professionals that will help you and fight for you in the event of a TAX audit whether local, state or federal. Trust the asset protection professionals at Taxing Times, Inc. to handle all of your IRS, TAX and Corporate business paperwork. Thank you for considering our services today.


Taxing Times provides individual tax preperation services. Our team of professional tax consultants can make sure you get the best return possible!


Your business needs a professional tax firm to handle all of your business tax needs. You can focus on your business and let us handle your paperwork.


Corporate tax structures can be complex and overwhelming for a corporation owner. Trust the services at Taxing Times, Inc to prepare your taxes.

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