notice - irs scam alert

If you have received a phone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS it is a SCAM. Do not give them any information and hang up on them immediately. Remember, the IRS will never initiate contact by phone, they always send letters by mail so that it is in writing and they have a record of the letter having been sent.


NATIONWIDE tax preparation services

Convenient, email, fax or even snail mail.

Tired of dealing with City, Federal, State Business and Personal Taxes? At Taxing Times Inc., you are assured that not only are you getting professional, expert advice but we also help you understand your overall financial situation so that you get to keep more of what you make. We at Taxing Times place a high value in trust to develop long term client relationships. As your financial consultant, our relationship with you is very important to us. With every project we engage in, we look for long-term solutions that will best benefit you. Part of our expertise is to optimize your tax strategy and track your financial performance. Give us a call now!


Taxing Times provides individual tax preperation services. Our team of professional tax consultants can make sure you get the best return possible!


Your business needs a professional tax firm to handle all of your business tax needs. You can focus on your business and let us handle your paperwork.


Corporate tax structures can be complex and overwhelming for a corporation owner. Trust the pros at Taxing Times, Inc to prepare your taxes.

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